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Engineering Solutions: Air Pollution

Problem led design solutions

Engineering solutions: Air pollution introduces students in grades 3-5 on how engineering can solve global problems, focusing on the problem of air pollution.

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Illustration of a Dyson Pure Cool Purifying FanTM

The pack has been designed for elementary school students, particularly grades 3-5, and all five lessons align with the Common Core and to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Two female students working together to build a cardboard prototype

What's in the pack?

Real-world problems

The pack contains five lesson plans full of fun activities, along with supporting videos and posters, that will teach students what air pollution is and how the Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan works as a solution to indoor air pollution. Students will then design and build their own solution to air pollution.

Teacher's pack

Lesson plans and worksheets

This pack contains lesson plans and worksheets. It also contains summary information for you, the teacher, explaining how the lessons relate to the science of air pollution and Dyson technology.


Dyson purifying technology

These videos are referenced in the student activity pack and provide additional information about the Dyson Pure Cool purifying fan, as an engineering solution to the problem of air pollution.

An image of one of the Engineering solutions: Air pollution posters showing natural and human sources of air pollution


Add some color to your walls

These informative posters can be used to support the lessons in this pack.

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