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Engineering extras

Other engineering resources

We have additional engineering educational resources to inspire young people about the exciting world of engineering.

Two young children creating a marble run

A selection of challenge card covers such as balloon race, underwater volcano and floating paper clip

Challenge Cards

Are you ready for a challenge?

These science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) challenges are ideal for home or in the classroom. Designed by Dyson engineers, they challenge curious minds and encourage hands-on experimentation.

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Image of Ann Marie, a Dyson engineer

Engineer stories

Inside the career of a Dyson engineer

Dyson engineers introduce us to their roles and the paths that led them into engineering.

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Image of Frank Whittle with his engine

Engineering icons

Our top pick of inspiring engineers

From the Whittle engine to the humble zip, these are some of the designs and designers who inspire us to keep thinking differently.

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Challenge cards

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