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Design Process Box

Engineering, in their hands

The Design Process Box is a free resource to help teachers (non-specialists included) bring engineering into the classroom.

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Two young engineers

Perfect for elementary schools, the Design Process Box introduces students to the design process, nurturing the analysis and problem-solving skills engineers use every day. 

What's in the box?

Design engineering, uncovered

Using the Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan as an example, the Design Process Box contains a comprehensive teacher's pack, lesson plans, videos and posters to guide students through the design process. Schools borrow the box for four weeks, free of charge - with delivery and pickup included.

In the box

Dyson Air Multiplier fan

A Dyson Air Multiplier™

Informative posters for your classroom wall

Informative posters for your classroom wall

A teacher's pack

A teacher's pack and USB containing supporting videos

The Design Process Box is designed to cover multiple national standards, including Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core. The box also supports learning in other subjects including history, literacy and writing skills, enterprise and numeracy. 



The teacher's pack contains five lesson plans, worksheets and supporting information, explaining how the lessons relate to design engineering at Dyson.

Background image for Information pack for something
Information pack for something

Worksheets and certificates

Printable lesson materials

Download all the worksheets and certificates from the teacher's pack for easy copying and distribution amongst your class.


Hear from Dyson engineers

Learn more about James's story and hear from Dyson engineers on the various stages of the design process and the part their jobs play in it.

"A fantastic resource which enriches the learning of young people, helps to meet learning objectives and provides an understanding of how learning in the classroom can lead to work outside of school."

Nicola Baynes

Elementary school teacher


Add some color to your classroom

Use these informative posters to support your lessons.

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