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School workshops

Over 500 student inventions prototyped

Our workshops challenge students to think like engineers – and turn their ideas into working prototypes. Last year, over 2,000 students in Chicago took part in our workshops, creating over 500 prototyped inventions.

Two students programming a Lego Mindstorms robot in a James Dyson Foundation robotics workshop.
Students sketching designs in a James Dyson Foundation workshop.

The workshop

Discovering the design process

Our workshops challenge students to design solutions to everyday problems. The 90-minute sessions lead students through the design process: brainstorming, sketching, constructing prototypes and presenting their ideas – just like Dyson engineers.

"The James Dyson Foundation workshops provide an environment where students can take risks, challenge old ideas and prototype real solutions."

Tun Bhothinard

Elementary School Teacher

A Dyson engineer helping a student build her cardboard prototype.

The outcome

Budding inventors

Compost bins that combat climate change, inventive DIY tools and energy efficient ventilation systems. These are just some of the inventions thought up, designed and prototyped by our students. The workshops help them develop their problem-solving, creativity and communication skills. They provide insight into a real engineering company, from experts at Dyson who lead the sessions.

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