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Children should learn through adventure

Brimming with creativity, children have a natural curiosity for getting to the bottom of how things work. With a little encouragement and the right resources, children can begin to understand the excitement of creative problem-solving.

Young girl making a prototype from cardboard.

Many children think that engineering is all about mess, oily rags and fixing things. By encouraging them to be hands-on and practical, we can show them how rewarding a future in engineering can really be.

Three students and a teacher examining a Dyson vacuum cleaner


Free resources for schools

Our free resources enable teachers and parents to deliver engaging engineering activities, both in the classroom and at home.

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Teacher showing students a part from a Dyson vacuum cleaner head.


Delivering workshops in schools

Our prototyping workshops get children thinking practically and give them an opportunity to learn about engineering from experts at Dyson.

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