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Our work

Experimentation. Failure. And new ideas.

At the heart of the James Dyson Foundation are new ideas and new ways of thinking. Our work encourages young minds to explore engineering and learn the importance of hands-on experimentation – and the benefits of failure.

A female student sketching

But those new ideas aren't limited to engineering. We also donate to medical and scientific research, as well as supporting the local community near Dyson's US HQ in Chicago.

A young girl building a prototype from cardboard and Dyson parts.


Resources and workshops

Engineering is anything – and everything – but boring. Our teaching materials and education programs help young people explore engineering in the classroom.

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An engineer printing a circuit board using Volterra V-One, the 2015 James Dyson Award winner.


Partnering with top universities

The James Dyson Award encourages and supports university students with new ideas. We also partner with top universities so students have the support and resources they need to excel as engineers.

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A doctor and nurse working in the Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care at the Royal United Hospital in Bath.


Medical and scientific research

We support research to advance medicine and science. Our donations have contributed to cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities.

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