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James Dyson Award

Celebrating bright minds

The James Dyson Award is an international design award, run by the James Dyson Foundation, that inspires, encourages and celebrates budding inventors' new, problem-solving ideas – and provides a platform to launch them.

2011 international winner of the James Dyson Award, Edward Linacre, with his invention Airdrop

The award runs annually, and is open to current and recently-graduated design and engineering students in 30 countries.

Where are they now?

Kai Lin, inventor of Klippa

Kai was a National US James Dyson Award finalist with his invention, Klippa, a prosthetic leg designed for amputee rock climbers. Kai talks about his progress since winning and offers his tips for aspiring engineers.

Kai Lin, Inventor of Klippa and National US James Dyson Award winner.

Where are they now?

Solveiga Paikstaite, inventor of Bump Mark

Solveiga was the UK National winner of the James Dyson Award in 2014 with Bump Mark - a bioreactive expiry label for food. She tells us more about her experience since winning the award.

Solveiga Pakštaitė, UK National Winner of the James Dyson Award in 2014.
Female student disassembling a Dyson vacuum cleaner head with a screwdriver.

Supporting educators

The James Dyson Award curriculum guide was written by Dr. Elizabeth Hassan to help other educators globally use the award as a tool for teaching design.

This is one example of how educators are utilizing the global award and how it can be adapted best to fit your students.

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Head to the James Dyson Award website to learn about how to enter.