STEM in the Elementary Classroom

ideas box fan

“Do you know about STEM? Do you incorporate it in your classroom? Learn an easy way that I found to incorporate it in mine!

In October I was invited to a Education Leader Summit. While there, I learned about the James Dyson Foundation from a friend. Who would have thought that Dyson would have so many resources for educators? The Foundation is committed to encourage young people to think differently and realize their engineering potential. It goes perfectly with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) movement in education.

I quickly got on the website and put a request in for the box. I received instant communication back and was able to get the Ideas Box delivered to my classroom just three weeks later.

The box included a Dyson Air Multiplier Fan to perform a case study on. It also included a teacher pack with lesson plans, posters, DVD, and instructions. Everything you could think of was in there.

We followed the lesson plan sequence the box came with. Before we started I asked for donations from parents of materials to build with. I had to adapt the lessons a bit for my first grade students, but easily did so. The reaction on their faces when I first turned on the fan was priceless. They had no clue it was a fan!

The beginning of the lesson sequences encourages your students to become “Design Detectives” and look around your classroom for items that you could be designed better. They had SO many ideas. Next, the students decided which idea they wanted to actually build. They drew out their plan, took the materials they needed, and made modifications as they went along.

Building the design was the best part! It did get messy, but we had a great time. After they finished building their design, they presented what they created to the class. Some friends even took pictures on their iPads during the process and showed these during their presentation.

To sign up to receive an Ideas Box for your classroom simply go here. I guarantee your students will learn and grow from the experience while having fun!”

Sarah Barnett

This copy was taken from a piece published by the Mrs. B’s First Grade on 27 January 2016. The original article can be found here.