Request a Design Process Box

The James Dyson Foundation wants young people to get excited about engineering. Our resources help teachers around the world take the lessons out of the science book and get practical.

Requesting a Design Process Box is easy – just fill out information to the left. Please ensure you email address is correct, as we’ll be in touch soon to discuss the kit. The boxes are in and out of schools all the time, so make sure to include an alternate delivery date in case we’re unable to make the first. We recommend requesting the box at least 12 weeks before your preferred delivery date.

Once you receive the box you’ll have 4 weeks to use it. You will receive a reminder email from us a week before the kit is due back. Just pack up the box and drop it at your school’s dedicated UPS pick-up location. A UPS return label is included in the kit, which should provide the resource a safe journey back to us.

Finally, while our resources are available across all 50 states, Chicago is home to the James Dyson Foundation. As such, we focus 50% of our resources – including Design Process Boxes – in the Chicagoland area.